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March 2007

Ray Leesong turns 82 .

Ray Leesong celebrated his recent 82 nd birthday having a flight in the Clubs single Astir glider last Saturday. After missing a thermal on his first launch and ending with a 5 minute circuit, his second launch he found a thermal to get away for over an hours soaring. Ray started with the Gliding club in 1964 as a foundation member and has been flying continuously with the club since then, although these days not as often with his interest in the Bowling Club taking precedence.

Visiting for the day, Alan Patching (OAM) who is also an 82 year old pilot, from the Victorian Motorless Flight Group, Bacchus Marsh, had a flight in the Single Astir. Alan was recently awarded the, FAI 2006 Lilienthal Gliding Medal in recognition of his extensive and substantial contribution to glider airworthiness and sailplane fatigue life in particular. Alan Patching has been active in gliding for over sixty years and was involved in glider construction and airworthiness matters from the very beginning.

 Over the past few weeks there have been some good flying days as the summer season comes to a close. Most Saturdays all the clubs gliders have been flying and the Motor Glider being in demand for pilots to finish their endorsements. Some pilots have organised flying on Sundays and mid week when the weather looks inviting for soaring flights.

Recent working bees have been to extend the grassed camping area and installation of watering systems near the clubhouse to cater for visiting groups such as the Vintage Gliding Association January  Rally.


February 2007

Flying on Australia Day, Andrew Dinning in the LS3 and Peter Brookman flying the Single Astir had about 2 hours of local soaring up to 4,000 ft, but conditions didn't develop enough to venture far from the local area. On the following day a number of pilots had flights of an hour duration in windy conditions with lift going to 5,500 ft cloud base later in the day.
Last Saturday once again a number of pilots had flights of an hour or more with climbs to just over 4,000 ft but found it difficult to contact lift on a regular basis to get away from the field. With calmer winds a number of flights were undertaken in the Dimona motor glider.
On Sunday Andrew Dinning flew the LS3, and after failing to get away on the first launch, succeeded with a second attempt then enjoyed good conditions. With thermal activity to 6,000 ft and some streeting evident later in the day. Andrew flew to Padthaway, Lillimur , back towards Keith, turning back when conditions weakened to head back to Lilimur then after over 3 hours flying time landed back at the Bordertown airfield. Andrew would have flown a distance of approx 280 km.

January 2007

Vintage Week +

The recent Vintage glider rally held at Bordertown during the week, 6th- 13th January claimed the largest number of aircraft attending a Vintage rally in Australia . Vintage gliders are defined as being built 30 or more years ago before the advent of Fibreglass construction. The oldest glider attending was the Golden Eagle which will be 70 this year , flown by 80+ year old pilot, Alan Patching. With some pilots and aircraft arriving early, from New Years day, a total of 27 gliders took part during the week. This was an increase of 8 gliders from the previous year. Close to 200 launches were taken during the week using the clubs winch and some aerotowing with a visiting Piper Cub towplane.  

Flying was possible on most days but the strong cross winds did prove a handicap on a few of the days.

A two hour task was set for those wishing to enter a friendly competition where the distance flown in as close to 2 hours was handicapped to the performance of the gliders. A number of flights of 170 km were completed by some pilots while others were happy to soar around the local area. Generally thermals gave gliders climbs to between 4000ft – 7000ft.

The rally had a truly international feel with pilots visiting from Canada , USA , Japan and UK .

Although the local club members were kept busy catering for the 50 plus visiting pilots during the week a few flights were made in the clubs gliders. On the last Saturday, Steve Steer had 2 hours in the Single Astir and Peter Brookman flew the LS 3 for over 3 hours. The clubs Twin Astir was also flown taking passenger and pilot check flights.

At the conclusion of the week, at the Annual dinner on the last Saturday evening it was announced that the next rally in January 2008 will again be held at Bordertown. With several more gliders in the process of restoration to flying condition it is expected that the next years rally will be bigger in aircraft and pilot numbers. Bordertown is a suitable venue for such an event with relatively few airspace restrictions, good soaring weather and a local club that can cater for large groups of visitors on site.


December 2006

Vintage Glider Rally  

For the 3rd year in a row the Vintage Gliding Association is returning to Bordertown for their annual rally.

After their previous 2 years successful rallies , Bordertown was selected again for the annual event held during the 2nd week of  January.

It is expected that there will be an increase in aircraft visiting than previous years. Last year there were 19 aircraft and about 40 pilots having about 260 launches during the week.

A number of owners have indicated they will start arriving anytime the week prior to get in some extra flying days.

Weather conditions being experienced so far this season have produced some interesting soaring days. Probably due to the current drought conditions there have been some very good flights completed around southern Australia in recent weeks. Former Bordertown-Keith pilot, John Nichols flying from Gawler  recently, completed an out and return cross country flight with a total distance or over 750 klms in under 5 hours averaging 156 klms/ hour with heights up to 15,000 ft.

The same weekend two other pilots from Gawler completed flights in excess of 1000 klms.

Locally the Bordertown-Keith Gliding club members have enjoyed good soaring conditions all through the winter and spring hardly missing a weekends flying due to poor weather. This has provided a welcome relief from the drought conditions that otherwise have put pressure on members in their daily lives working and farming in the district.

From early January keep an eye to the sky for the vintage gliders flying overhead, many have interesting distinguishable colour schemes on their aircraft as distinct from the more modern fiberglass gliders which are predominately white.



Bordertown-Keith Gliding  Club are hosting a visit by Skydivers from SA and Victoria who will be competing in Skydiving Championships. Action will start from Wednesday 1st Nov with practice days and the main action will be over the weekend 4th and 5th November at the Bordertown aerodrome. Tandem jumps for the novice or thrill seeker will be available with proceeds being donated to Diabetes Research. It is expected that between 50 – 75 competitors will be taking part. Later in the day large formation jumps will be attempted depending on weather conditions. There will be plenty of action and with the drop zone in front of the Clubhouse there will be ample area for public viewing.

With the continuing dry and summer like weather, gliding over the past few months has provided good soaring conditions most weekends with all aircraft flying and flight times of over 1 hour for most pilots. Thermals have been going to 6,000 – 8,000ft by mid afternoon with strong lift of 5 -7 knots.

There won’t be any gliding this coming weekend due to the restrictions on airfield use with the Skydiving .The Gliding club has passenger and introductory instruction flights available every Saturday from about 12 noon onwards for anyone who would like to try the sport of gliding , or just to view the Tatiara from above in silent flight.



 For the first time this month flying has been possible. 

Previous weekends rain has put a hold to activities, although the rain hasn't been drought breaking for the farmers. With donations of old carpet one hanger is now about half covered, Bruce with his wire winding system ( which after a few teething problems) has successfully wound up the old winch wire along the edge of the 35/17 runway.

Saturday 22nd, after a lunch of kebabs etc, and the cloud cover and light drizzle clearing, Astir DO was towed to the railway end ready for launching on 35. Peter Brookman took the first launch and kept aloft for over 30 mins., eventually getting to a high of 3,000 ft. Then reluctantly landed (wasn't going to be a winter trophy day anyway) so others could enjoy the conditions. There were 4 more launches which no one got away, so after these 5 min circuits every thing was packed up and then back to the Clubhouse.

Col Crittenden (RV7 construction in QLD) was down from the sunshine state for a quick visit to Bordertown. Flying here on  Virgin as he has recently sold his RV, but is in the process of building another. 

There is some movement on the Dimona saga, with the new engine block being ordered from Germany and expected to be here for installation in about 3-4 weeks.


 The recent unseasonable winter weather has provided better than normal winter flying conditions for the clubs pilots. Over the past few weeks there have been a number of thermal flights with heights up to 5,000 ft,

The competition for the Winter Trophy for the longest distance flight between the 1st May and the 31st August has so far had three claims. Markus Tronvsky first claimed a flight from the airfield to his ‘Ponderosa’ at Mundulla and back in the Astir (DO) total of  24  kms. The same day Steve Steer flew the LS3 (QV) to the ‘Ponderosa’, then Wolseley and back for a total of  44.6 klm.

Last Saturday Peter Brookman flying the LS3 (QV) from the Bordertown airfield to Keith and back pushed the distance to 76.4 kms.

A number of other pilots had thermal flights on Saturday around the local area with heights to cloud base at 3,000 ft. Peter Brookman had the longest flight of 1 hour 40 mins.

New member Andrew Makin is continuing with his training, Andrew has previously flown to solo level in powered aircraft will hopefully be converted to gliders ready for the better spring and summer weather.

Ian Patching from the Gliding Club at Bacchus Marsh came over for the weekends flying and had several flights in the Astir (DO).



Addition to Gliding Club fleet.

Four members of the Gliding Club traveled to Ararat on Good Friday to look at a glider for sale.  The Astir glider was purchased by a syndicate within the club and bought back to Bordertown airfield that afternoon.

With calm but overcast conditions on Saturday the new aircraft was rigged and then flown by pilots during the afternoon. With the cooler autumn weather, thermal activity was abit scarce, so several circuits were flown and a couple of extended flights, Peter Brookman had the longest flight of 16 minutes.

The new aircraft , Astir CS  (VH-GDO) is similar type to the Astir the club already owns and should prove  a useful addition to the fleet being suitable for first conversions to single-seater flying and also having very competitive performance.

The club has gained new members in recent weeks; Andrew Dinning and Telfer have re joined having been members several years ago. Also there have been several new passenger and air experience flights taken over the past few weeks.

Flying will continue on Saturdays during the cooler months when the weather is flyable. Members are reminded of the AGM at the clubrooms on Saturday.



Late summer thermals.  

The last few Saturdays flying have experienced some of the best thermal conditions for some time.

On Saturday 4th March  conditions developed by midday with strong lift taking pilots from 1,000 ft launches to 10,000 ft in little over 10 minutes  . Once up there it was easy to stay high as Markus Tronvsky and Brian Gerhardy showed by flying to Kaniva in the Twin Astir then turning for home at 10,000ft taking 12 minutes to arrive over Bordertown at 8,000 ft. Bruce Gaskell also flew to Kaniva  and back in the Single Astir. Greg Draper later took the Single Astir to Keith and back. Most flights were restricted to I hour to give all pilots an opportunity.

During the afternoon a radio call was received from Wimmera Gliding Club members in their Janus two seater having flown from Horsham were above the Bordertown Airfield at 10,000ft before turning to fly home. Conditions continued going to 10,000ft till after 6pm .

Saturday 11th also proved to be good flying, although not with the heights of the previous week but good lift to 6,000 ft with one climb to 8,000ft over Wolseley. Caleb White , Ian Patching and Gerry Crawley came for the weekend from Bacchus Marsh, flew the club gliders and the Kookaburra. Gerry had a 3 hour flight. Caleb and Brian Gerhardy had 1.5 hrs in the Twin Astir.

Saturday 18th most pilots had flights of about an hour but heights were only up to 3,500ft . Geof Tremain flew the LS3 for 55 minutes and Barry Longbottom the Single Astir for 83 minutes.

A small group of pilots flew on Sunday, Peter Brookman had 1.5 hrs with climbs to over 5,500 ft above Wirrega and Bruce Gaskell had 51 minutes in the Single Astir, Barry Longbottom flew two passengers in the Twin Astir for about 50 minutes each. Peter Brookman and David  Gericke also took the Twin Astir up for an hour with heights over 5,500ft.


January 7th-14th. Vintage Glider Rally.          

Once again Bordertown-Keith Gliding Club hosted the Annual Vintage Glider rally. A total of 19 visiting gliders and pilots enjoyed a week of flying at Bordertown from the 7th of January. This was an increase of 7 over the number that attended last year.

During the week a total of 262 launches with the busiest days having up to 48 launches.

A 2 hour task was set each day where pilots could select where and how far they could fly in the allotted time. Scores were worked out on a handicap system using the gliders performance .

One of the longer flights was Ian Patching in a Boomerang who flew to Kaniva and back. Ian also had the honor of an outlanding on the first day, ending up in a paddock on the eastern side of Bordertown.

Those not competing just flew enjoying the local conditions.

While local members were involved in launching and catering for the visitors several took the opportunity to fly a number of the visiting gliders.

Prize for the best maintained Schnieder aircraft was won by Lyle Whitfield from Goulbourn for his Boomerang.

The longest flight was Jeni Goldsmith in her KA6 staying aloft for over 5 hours on one of the days.

The AGM of the Vintage Glider Association was held during the week and the annual dinner on the last night was attended by 50.

A large number of passenger flights were taken on the first Sunday, including eight grandchildren of Yvonne Paech having been given flight vouchers as a Christmas present.

Parents, Simon Pengelly and Grant Peach were not to be out done by their children also had a flight.

Sophie Pocock, visiting from Sweden for the next 12 months, had a long thermal flight early in the day and a shorter circuit later, Sophie is keen to start training with the club.

Keith Willis while helping out during the week with the flight sheets, found time to experience flying in a number of vintage aircraft and claimed his 100th type conversion during the week.

Markus Trnovsky, club CFI, flew the open cockpit Grunau Baby, owned by Leigh Buntting from Balaklava .




October 10th 

Balaklava & Millicent visits         

A very successful weeks flying was enjoyed by the visiting members of the Balaklava and Millicent Gliding clubs. With 3 duel seater and a single seater gliders plus the Bordertown clubs fleet, there were up to 6 gliders in the air at any one time over the long weekend. The weather was kind enough to provide thermal flights on all days and short cross country tasks were set which a number of pilots flew around at least once.

Bernard Eckey flew his high performance glider from Balaklava on Friday 30th Sept, via Waikerie to avoid controlled airspace to Bordertown. Using his pop-up motor only for 3 minutes to launch at Balaklava he made the distance working thermals up to 7,500 ft when over Lamaroo to Bordertown airfield without any real difficulty.

Bernard attempted to fly back to Balaklava on Wednesday, after taking a winch launch at the airfield found the going a bit difficult with thermals only to 2,800 ft and a 55 kt headwind, he eventually landed at Murray Bridge airfield and called it a day.

During the weekend Bernard gave lectures in the finer points of centering thermals and better cross country flying, then took a number of local pilots in the back seat for some practical flying. His aircraft, a ASH25 with a 25meter wing span has exceptional gliding performance and those that had the opportunity to experience it were very complimentary.

From Tuesday to Thursday a smaller band of Balaklava members stayed on and flew their ASK 21 duel seat gliders and most flights were restricted to 1 hour to give every one a soaring flight.

The performance of the ASK 21 was demonstrated with Leigh Bunting giving a few aerobatic displays over the weekend, with loops, slow rolls, half cubans, sustained inverted flight flying a figure eight, and an inverted stall.

No flying was done this last Saturday due to the wet windy weather, but the opportunity was taken to continue the annual inspection of the clubs fleet  so they will be back in the air in a week and ready for the summer soaring season.

Anyone interested, passenger and trial instructional flights are available on Saturdays weather permitting.


September 25th 

Soaring over the Tatiara

Bordertown-Keith Gliding Club will be host to a visit of Balaklava & Millicent Gliding club’s members and aircraft for a weeks flying above the Tatiara from the 1st  to 9th October.

It is expected about 18 visiting pilots and 6 aircraft will flying from the Bordertown airfield for the week long camp.

South Australian Gliding Association will be running advanced training lectures in conjunction with cross country flying.

Weather permitting it is hoped to have a tow plane available on one of the days over the long weekend for pilots to get endorsements for aero tow launches.

A two seater ASH 25 high performance self launching glider will be flying for pilots to have cross country training. The aircraft has a pop- up and retractable motor for use to launch and can be used to fly back to base if conditions become too weak so avoiding paddock out landings.  

The past  couple of weekends where no flying has taken place at Bordertown, energy has been put into maintenance of aircraft with the annual Form 2 inspections being carried out on the Astir CS and LS3 single seat gliders plus other airfield equipment .

With better weather on Saturday two gliders were flying with Bruce Gaskell having 20  minutes in the Single Astir in weak conditions but managing to gain 200ft over his launch height before slowing  descending back to earth. Other pilots managed only 5 to 7 minute circuits. Jon Rodda returned for a visit (normally he is flying 747’s for Qantas), and took the opportunity to have several flights to get his skills up to speed on gliders.

In all there were about 16 launches for the afternoon.


July 2005

Due to the weather a lot of effort has been put into renovations of the kitchen area of the club house. Flying has been minimal, usually a few launches for 5 minute circuits each flyable Saturday.


21st May.

Members flew  the Twin & Single Astir plus the Dimona today in fairly smooth conditions . Geoff Tremain took flight of the day in the Single  Astir with 45 minutes and heights up to 3,800. Ray Leesong had 17 minutes. 

14th May.

Beu Rodgers flies solo.

Beu had his first solo in the Twin Astir today after training over the past 6 months and about 60 launches. Prospective student pilot, Johno Berry had two flights in the Twin Astir with Peter Brookman and a half hour with Brian Gerhardy in the Dimona Motor Glider. Flying in very smooth conditions with almost no wind flights were restricted to 5 minute circuits with the exception of Geoff Tremain showing his ability to stay airborne when others fail, achieved 14 minutes in the Single Astir and at one stage gained 100ft above his launch height. The challenge is on for the winter trophy for the longest flight between the 1st May - 31st August. Weather permitting it is planned to rig the Vintage K4 glider and fly it next weekend. It has been stored in the hanger since the Vintage glider rally in January.

16th April 

Increased aircraft activity at the Bordertown Airfield on Saturday.

 The arrival of a DC3 aircraft followed by a Cessna Citation Executive jet from Melbourne , chartered by McGuigan wines for an investor tour to the Tatiara vineyards on Saturday caused some interest. The DC3 ,built in 1943 was followed by a modern Citation twin fan jet provided some contrast.

The nostalgic sound of the Pratt & Whitney radial engines brought a few aircraft buffs out of the town for a look at the DC3 parked at the hangers.

An RV6 light aircraft flown by visiting consulting medical specialist and the Pilatus PC 12 Air ambulance aircraft also came in during the day.

Members of the gliding club were also flying later in the day , all there gliders had thermal flights during the early afternoon, but the themals became scarce by mid afternoon, a sign the winter months are approaching with much shorter days. Thermals were going to 3,800ft inversion layer preventing further height gains.

New member , Miles Hanermann had a few training flights, Miles has previously held a GA pilots licence, but intends to convert to flying gliders.

 The AGM of the Gliding Club was held at which, Peter Brookman was elected President and Terry Ryan as Vice-President for the next 12 months.

Photograph:     The DC3 aircraft parked in front of the more modern Citation executive jet at the Bordertown Airfield on Saturday.


26th March 

Age no barrier for these glider pilots.

Octogenarians , Ray Leesong and Bruce Gaskell preparing for a flight on Saturday in the Gliding Clubs , Twin Astir.

Ray who turns eighty this week is a foundation member of the Gliding club, formed in 1964, then called the South East Soaring Club but changed to Bordertown & Keith Gliding Club in 1965. Bruce who will be eighty later this year joined the club in 1974.

Later in the afternoon, Ray flew with Peter Brookman in the Twin Astir for just over an hour with heights up to 3,500ft.

Flying on Saturday started with several thermal flights in all three gliders, but with high cloud moving in lift was hard to work off low launch heights due to the lack of any surface wind. Later in the afternoon conditions improved and there were some longer flight times , heights up to 3,500ft.

The previous weekend only a few pilots were available due to the Lucindale Field days, but those flying enjoyed good conditions with thermals taking them to 8,000ft.

Members are reminded of the Club AGM on 16th April.


12th Feb 

All 3 aircraft were flying today with many pilots enjoying thermal flights up to 5,000ft and flight times of 45 mins to 1 hour 45min.

Johnathon Bishop had a flight in the Single Astir, local soaring to 5000ft late in the day getting the longest flight of 13/4 hours.

Student pilot , Beu Rodgers is progressing well under instruction of Bruce Gaskell and now handles all aspects of the flight from take off to landing.

Steve Steer in the LS3 having missed a thermal after his first launch and a quick 5 minute circuit went up again, with a good launch to 1500 ft locked into a thermal and stayed aloft for 50 minutes.

Brentyn Koch had 11/4 hours in the LS3 local flight.

Brian Gerhardy and Greg Draper flying the Twin Astir for 45 minutes  struggling to a high point just under 5000 ft.

Markus Trnovsky flew the LS3 around to Mundulla and Bangham and return as with other flights only making it up to 5000ft. Markus was followed for awhile by Peter Brookman in the Single Astir who was able to get some good air to air photographs of the LS3.

 For a change with a southerly wind blowing all day launches were into wind on strip 17 which provided higher launch heights then on many previous weeks where there has always been a cross wind component to contend with.


Vintage Glider Rally  Jan 8th - 16th        Download VINTAGE TIMES. pdf file

A week of flying at Bordertown airfield concluded with a dinner at the Gliding Clubhouse on Saturday night.

During the week 16 visiting vintage gliders and pilots stayed and enjoyed a number of good days flying. Apart from Tuesday 11th due to hot windy weather, and  on Friday flying finished early, soaring conditions were good and pilots had plenty of opportunity to fly.

All gliders were of wood and fabric or metal tube and fabric construction, more that 35 years since manufacture.

The oldest glider, a Golden Eagle flown by Alan Patching. A home built in 1937 it is now the oldest continuously flown glider in the world. By the way Alan is no spring chicken either, still flying at age 80.

Earlier in the week several pilots flew cross country flights, to Coonalpyn and back or a triangle of Bordertown, Coonalpyn, Serviceton, Bordertown.

Prizes for flights were awarded on a handicap basis for each days flying for those that logged cross country distances.

Other pilots just enjoyed the varying conditions for soaring locally around the Bordertown Mundulla area.

On the better days thermals took flights up to over 8,500ft, and many flights of over 2 hours were flown. Jenne Goldsmith from Gisborne in Vic, flying a KA6 (1965) had a 5 hour flight on the last day.

All gliders were launched using the clubs winch, up to 38 launches on the busiest days flying.

Visitors, camping at the airfield in Caravans, Tents, Motor homes or the Clubhouse during the week were catered for by Bordertown-Keith club members.

Several local club members took the opportunity for a flight in the visiting 2 seaters, K4 (1954) and Kookaburra (1964) gliders. Some would have trained in a Kookaburra at Bordertown in the early 1970’s. Peter Brookman flew an 1948 Australian  built Olympia , know as the ‘Yellow Witch’, owned by Keith Nolan, for an hour locally.

Brian Gerhardy  clocked up his 2000 th glider flight during the week. To celebrate he flew with Bevan Martlew in the clubs recently purchased Dimona motor glider. Brian started training with the club in April 1988, instructed by Bevan who was club CFI. Now with the roles reversed, Brian as an instructor is taking Bevan though the endorsement for flying the Dimona.


Flying has continued on most Saturdays over the past 2 months. Some restrictions on areas  of the airfield  due to water logging and long grass but with the recent dryer weather all areas will soon be serviceable.

Annual Form 2 inspections of the Twin Astir and the Single Astir gliders have been completed and the LS3 will be carried out in the near future.

A few pilots have enjoyed  good soaring flights recently. Peter Brookman , a 2 hour  and a 1 1 /4  hour flights in the Single Astir with heights up to 4,800ft. Terry Ryan had an hour in the Single Astir. Recently converted solo pilot, Matt Duell, after a check flight on Saturday, then flying solo in the Twin Astir got away for a 1 hour flight climbing up to 5000ft over Bordertown and surrounding area. A number of other pilots have been flying but have had to be content with 5 minute circuit practice.

Preparations are under way for the club to host the Vintage Glider rally to be held at the Bordertown Airfield for 8 days from the 8th of January 2005 . It is expected 30 or maybe up to 40 visiting gliders attending.

Opportunities will be available for flights in the 2 seater aircraft either vintage or the Bordertown Club’s Twin Astir during that week for anyone who would like to experience flying in gliders.

Passenger and  air experience flights are available at the airfield most Saturdays weather permitting.

23rd October

Under GR's direction the Form 2 inspection of the LS3 is under way. With the weather being heavy overcast and a south to sw wind blowing, flying from 017 started after mowing the long grass on the strip. All pilots present flew the Single Astir 77, most only 5-8 minute circuits, with the exception of Koffie (15 mins but could have stayed up longer!!) and GR (25 minutes-flight of day) getting to 2,800ft cloud base.

21st November

New aircraft arrives for Gliding Club

Picture loading Receiving a radio call,  “Golf Oscar Echo , 4 miles inbound Bordertown” soon had  Gliding Club members out of the hangers to watch the arrival of the clubs latest purchase, a Dimona H36 motor glider touchdown at 10-30am on Sunday.

Flying from Byron Bay , Qld, by two Byron Bay Gliding Club members, having set off on Saturday morning after some delay due to heavy rain, made it to Leeton for an overnight stop, then leaving early Sunday morning for the final leg to Bordertown.

After a briefing for members on the Daily inspection procedure for the aircraft, Markus Trnosvky  (Club CFI) flew the Dimona  to enable him to gain his endorsement on the aircraft.

Weather conditions were less than favorable for training in an unfamiliar aircraft, a strong , gusty southerly blowing all day.

Brian Gerhardy flew with Markus to also familiarize with the aircraft. Other pilots had short flights, but hopefully some kinder flying conditions over the next few weeks will enable a number of pilots to gain their endorsements.

The clubs, Motor Falke has been sold to a private buyer , and will be flown to its new home in Queensland next weekend.


Flying on Saturday, after a slow start, conditions improved and a number of pilots had good soaring flights. Jonathon Bishop after a couple of check circuits then flying with his father, Phillip, got away for an hours flight in the Twin Astir. A number of other pilots also had between 30 minutes to over an hour, with all three gliders in the air.


Late Sunday afternoon saw the arrival of another aircraft to Bordertown, a Sky Fox ultra-light aircraft recently purchased by Richard Pocock.. With wings folded was transported from Victoria on a specially designed trailer behind Richards car.

The new aircraft will undoubtedly increase activity at the airfield as the summer weather approaches.


19th December

Vintage Glider Rally for Bordertown.

From the 8th of January the Bordertown Gliding Club will be hosting the annual Australian Vintage Gliding Rally for a weeks flying from the Bordertown airfield.

It is expected that approx 20 gliders will be visiting. Using the Gliding clubs winch or a Piper Pawnee aerotow for launching, depending on the weather, the skies above Bordertown will be busy

Gliders will mostly be of wood and fabric type, built or manufactured over 30 years ago as opposed to the more modern Carbon fibre construction. Some will be open cockpit and also two seaters will be available for passenger flights.

The weeks flying activities will conclude with a dinner and the Annual General meeting of the Australian Vintage Glider Association.  

Over the past few weeks club flying has concentrated getting pilots converted to the recently purchased Dimona motor-glider. There a number of pilots who will soon have  endorsements on this aircraft.  

Flying last Saturday in very hot conditions, some good thermal activity was enjoyed by a few pilots. The Dimona with Brian Gerhardy and Marcus Trnovsky climbed with the engine off to 9,000ft.

Peter Brookman had 21/2  hours in the Single Astir flying up to Keith and back to Serviceton with strong thermals taking him to 10,000 ft . Air temperature at 10,000ft was 40 C as opposed to 40o C on the ground.

Bruce Gaskell and Matt Duell had an hours flying locally in the Twin Astir with heights up to 7,500ft.